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Dr Mick Darby (CPsychol) is a HCPC-registered and BPS Chartered Counselling, Coaching and Business Psychologist with over 15 years experience consulting to busy people struggling with behavioural, emotional, relationship or neurodiversity challenges. He works confidentially to help all his counselling and coaching clients improve wellbeing and performance.

Mick is a recipient of the Australian Psychological Society Prize for excellence in psychology and specialises in working with many of the common issues faced by executives, high-achievers, entrepreneurs and elite sports-people. He has pioneered the remote delivery of psychological treatment for high-functioning people experiencing substance misuse issues (see box below). He also delivers seminars and workshops to teams and occasionally sees a few clients face-to-face in the UK, where he is based.

“I work sensitively with my clients to help them explore ways to use less energy fighting themselves and spend more time engaging in a happier, more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Psychological therapy (to navigate life’s challenges)

Mick is a highly trained Counselling Psychologist who provides psychological therapy to help his clients find direction, achieve goals and navigate challenges without being held back by personal, relationship or workplace issues.

His starting point is that it is absolutely possible for anyone at any stage of life to build more meaningful, enjoyable and productive lives. Mick’s evidence-based approach helps clients to develop psychological flexibility and resilience to overcome a wide range of commonly occurring psychological and behavioural issues.

Mick grounds much of his work in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is effective in helping with: Burnout, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders; Addictions, compulsions and alcohol/substance use disorders; Adjustment disorders, trauma and relationship issues.

“Psychological therapy can be uplifting, restorative and regenerative. I am here to support each of my clients as they navigate the challenges that inevitably get in the way of leading the life they want to live”

Mick’s process helps transform current crises into opportunities for self-growth, where individuals uncover their values and start behaving more like the person they want to be. It specifically targets the hidden behavioural and psychological patterns people find themselves in. So, clients use less energy fighting against themselves and spend more time moving towards a more meaningful and enjoyable life (while learning how to live with the inevitable suffering that comes along with it).

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Psychological coaching (performance, wellbeing, career)

Mick is an experienced Coaching Psychologist who helps high-performers and insecure over-achievers improve emotional agility, workplace performance, work-life balance and wellbeing. His approach helps people (and teams) to move past the consequences of high-intensity working environments (such as anxiety, perfectionism and burnout) and discover meaning in their work and personal lives.

The evidence shows us that work and life performance is linked strongly to wellbeing and happiness. In fact, in some ways they are two sides of the same coin. So, Mick’s approach to performance encompasses all aspects of life, including health, relationships, purpose, values and career.

“My approach involves working together; sharing and collaborating in order to find workable options for each individual to move towards a more meaningful life and career”

Mick collaborates with a group of coaching, business and organisational psychologists through The Career Psychologist to offer a range of bespoke team training and individual coaching services. One such course is Getting Unstuck, a rigorous, 5-step process which helps clients to identify career direction and move forward with purpose.

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Progress Psychology: Remote addictions treatment

As an online psychologist Mick has a global client base and most of his clients prefer the flexibility of remote delivery. He has pioneered the online delivery of a remote, home-based addictions treatment for busy clients who prefer not to attend in-patient, residential or group rehab programme. This combines proven therapeutic approaches with coaching technologies to improve performance and prevent relapse for anyone experiencing drug or alcohol dependance, behavioural addictions (such as gambling, porn or internet use) and compulsive behaviours.

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